Four-way ACOUSTIC SPLIT announced!
January 7, 2021

A four-way acoustic split featuring two new original tracks and one cover song from Boise, ID singer-songwriters Dennis Jagard, Sef Idle, Rob Lanterman and Russ Worstell. More importantly, a chance for each of them to share their unique voices and showcase influences their listeners may not expect.

Subsequently, in addition to two original tracks per artist, the album features covers from decidedly-non punk artists Skylar Grey, Bob Dylan, Dido and Men At Work.

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01. Dennis Jagard - Alone Again
02. Dennis Jagard - California Feels Like Home
03. Dennis Jagard - Love The Way You Lie Pt. 3 (Skylar Grey cover)

04. Sef Idle - Blindsided
05. Sef Idle - Bellflower
06. Sef Idle - When The Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan cover)

07. Rob Lanterman - Anywhere But Here
08. Rob Lanterman - Peaches By The Presidents of The USA
09. Rob Lanterman - Thank You (Dido cover)

10. Russ Worstell - Fade Into Nothing
11. Russ Worstell - Take Your Time
12. Russ Worstell - Overkill (Men At Work cover)