Everything Dies

Thought that we would always stay together
Bought the whole notion love lasts forever
But in real life forever is a disaster
There's no such thing as happy ever after...
Cuz everything dies!

Yes it's dark but that's the way we're heading
Would you prefer a story with a different setting?
Like a child, you might go on pretending
Heaven is real and love is never ending
But everything dies!

Sometimes I'm still believing,
Like no one here is leaving
Sometimes I wish that glory
Was more than just a story
Sometimes I get a feeling,
Wish for mercy and some healing
And some warmth in mid-December,
But the ice helps me remember
That everything Dies!

You might be on top with beauty and youth
But give it some time your eyelids will droop
The years will go by your puppies will die
The pride of your life killed slowly by time.