Ten Foot Pole (Acoustic)


March 23 Montréal @ l'Hémisphère Gauche (tickets)

March 24 Quebec City @ La Source de la Martinière (tickets)

March 25 Warwick @ Microbrasserie Wick Station (tickets)

March 26 St-Augustin @ L'unique bar le St-Aug (tickets)

Interested in having Dennis play at your place? Ten Foot Pole (acoustic) houseparty tour(s) are in the planning stages!

Please write to dennyjagard7@gmail.com for more info and to be contacted when we may be rolling through your area!

No babysitter required;
No designated driver;
You provide your own refreshments (no outrageous prices);
No parking fees;
No loud opening bands;
No doorless bathroom stalls (unless that’s how you want it);
No binoculars needed to see the stage;
Host gets to determine the audience and any entrance requirements (private show to raging party);
Outdoor or indoor is your choice (it just needs to be quiet, comfortable and not too windy);

Ten Foot Pole (acoustic) is Dennis Jagard singing and playing old and new TFP songs with an acoustic guitar. There may be other band members or guest musicians. Dennis may (will) tell stories and is open for questions and signing merch. Fees vary depending on the travel costs, etc. Please check out the acoustic record Ten Foot Pole | Simmer Down (2020) to get an idea of what the voice and guitar sound like, though the live shows tend to be more raw and aggressive, as you can tell from these videos.